'White' is the color of truth and white pigeon is a fabulous creature to love and keep which give us great pleasure in our every day life. Coming back home from work our mind become refresh when we see our pet white doves in the loft. In the same way the photos of white pigeon give us pleasure.

It is a fantastic blog for pigeon fanciers, lovers, keepers. Here we will find a beautiful photo collection of white homing, racing, fancy, tippler pigeon and more. I have collected all of these photos from my friends' lofts, my own loft and also from different websites. I hope that all visitors will enjoy a lot.

White Homing Pigeon

Source: www.melluzzo.com

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Anonymous said...

help i found a white homing pigeon in our driveway yesterday. I think it belongs to someones private collection it is tagged with one pink band and one black band. The black band says 31 and the pink band says nothing. It is very nice, I don't think it travelled far, it's feathers are very nice and its feet are in great shape. I've called local vet, our local nature center and the APL. Now what do I do?? Should I let it go? Will it find it's way back home? We are in northeast ohio west of Cleveland.